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          WEC Energy Group’s common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its symbol is WEC.

          WEC common stock CUSIP number: 92939U 106

          Transfer agent

          WEC Energy Group
          c/o Computershare
          P.O. Box 5050
          Louisville, KY 40233-5000


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          Stock transfers

          Direct Registration System (DRS)

          DRS is a service within the securities industry that allows shares to be owned and recorded electronically without having a stock certificate issued. Learn more

          Changing registration

          Whenever a change in stock ownership is necessary or desirable, certain procedures must be followed to transfer ownership. There is no single transfer procedure that covers all possible circumstances. Under most situations, the registered owner must endorse the back of the stock certificate being transferred and have his or her signature guaranteed by a financial institution eligible to provide a medallion signature guarantee. A notary public is not sufficient.

          To obtain transfer instructions for a specific situation, please call the Stockholder Hotline, 800-558-9663 or write to the transfer agent.

          Replacing lost stock certificates

          Call the Stockholder Hotline, 800-558-9663, or write to the transfer agent to report the loss. You will receive instructions on how to replace the certificate. You may be asked to pay a small processing fee or pay an insurance premium based on the market value of the lost stock certificate before the certificate can be replaced.

          Stock certificates are valuable documents and should be kept in a safe deposit box or other secure place. If you are a participant in our Stock Plus Investment Plan, you may turn in your stock certificates to the transfer agent for "safekeeping" in the plan. If you decide to take advantage of this feature, please keep a list of the certificates turned in and any other information that may be required for income tax purposes. WEC Energy Group does not keep track of purchase prices for stock purchased through a broker.