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          employment testing

          Employment testing

          The selection process for some positions includes administration of aptitude tests, where applicable. Positions include:

          • Clerical and administrative support
          • Meter reading
          • Power plant operations or maintenance
          • Technician
          • Customer service
          • Power distribution
          • Line mechanic

          Testing brochures and practice tests

          The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) offers brochures with test descriptions and practice tests with sample questions. Practice tests include general instructions, suggested time limits, and some answers and explanations for the following categories:

          • Construction and skilled trades
          • Power plant maintenance
          • Plant operator
          • System operator / Power dispatch
          • Technician
          • Support and administration

          To access EEI brochures and tests, use this login name and password:
          Name: wehrtests
          Password: getready

          EEI Testing Brochures
          EEI Practice Tests

          Note: These resources are provided for informational purposes only and do not guarantee that an applicant will be considered or will be successful on the test.